Hedge Tactical Solutions

We offer the most advanced team on the market

Hedge Tactical teams up with APB Consulting Solutions to offer the most advanced technologies and most experienced teams to help make you and your staff safe.  Hedge Tactical’s APB Consulting Solutions team has over 100 years of combined law enforcement and military experiences in the most difficult and dangerous specialities.  Hedge Tactical brings this team to your front door to help you design and execute the most effective and efficient safety practices available for your industry.


About Compliant Technologies

We offer the safest compliance based systems on the market

APB Consulting Solutions has partnered with Compliant technologies to bring a new device to the market that will help protect public safety personnel and the citizens with which they interact.  The glove is one of the most exciting new devices to come to the market.  No longer will public safety personnel  have to draw a device that fires a projectile that can miss.  The introduction of a device that looks like and functions like a firearm can escalate an already emotionally charged situation.  The mild sensation delivered by the glove can bring focus back to the situation and help escalated individuals focus and calm down rather than feeling as though they are being shot.